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Here at Golden Meadows Ranch we are busy working to develop high quality Beefmaster and Brahman Cattle. From artificial insemination (AI), to conventional flushes, to sexed IVF procedures we are focused on creating quality animals that hold up in the pasture, and are feed efficient. Our cattle are designed to meet the most critical standards for registered herds, commercial use and show purposes. We are always looking to create consistency in our phenotypes. We regularly purchase genetics outside our own herd to increase our genetic choices and desirable traits. Our motto is "Traditional Values, Modern Genetics and Superior Cattle".




CL Lehman of Corpus Christi, Texas bought the 2,600 acre ranch in Cotulla, LaSalle County in 1961. The grandfather of Chris and Mark  Cooley and the father of Michael Lehman Budd, CL started raising a herd of V8 Brahman "Sugarland Co" cattle he bought from Sloan Williams. His daughter, Michael continued raising registered Brahmans through the early 2000's. During that period, Michael and Mark introduced Beefmasters to the ranch starting in the mid 1990's. Our Beefmaster Breeders United number is one of the first issued, #411. Since then, Mark and Chris have worked to rebuild both Brahman and Beefmaster herds into some of the best, modern genetics today.

The ranch is supported by two pivot irrigation systems, which use a 2,200 foot deep water well drilled in 1971 by CL. The pivots produce tifton bermuda grass hay in the summer and rye grass in the winter. Two solar wells and two windmills help with cattle water and wildlife conservation. The Nueces River and Harris Lake make up the two mile northern border of the ranch where riparian areas have been fenced off for wildlife diversity and sanctuaries. Old ponds have been re-engineered while many numerous new ones have been dug to take advantage of runoff or the smaller water wells' flows.



Today we use modern grazing practices, superior fencing systems, improved buffel grass pastures, efficient weed/brush control and a general holistic view of taking care of the land. The results have allowed a herd of 175 head of cattle to thrive in both dry and wet years. We take pride in our native plants and animals which also abound in strong populations. Whitetail deer hunting is a fond family tradition.

We take seriously the value of a ranching way of life. We believe solid personal values are instilled in our children and continued in us as adults by raising cattle, being stewards of the land, riding horses and in general developing relationships with the natural world and our ranching companions. Our goal has always been to support and maintain a ranching community that gives back to source of our strengths.

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